Top 3 Books On Love Everyone Must Read

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Are you looking for the top books on love?

Love is such a mysterious thing. It’s hard to understand it; hard to grasp it.

Books have always been a great source of knowledge.

It’s no wonder then that there are books written on love to help us understand this mysterious fire in our hearts.

Philosophers, Scientists, Mathematicians, and people from all walks of life have tried to decipher the inner workings of this thing called love. Some have failed, some have succeeded, albeit not in fully understanding it.

Below are the top 3 books on Love that I believe will truly transform your understanding of love.

I believe that with understanding comes wisdom; the more you understand love, the better you’ll be able to make decisions when it comes to love.

Understanding is a precursor to wisdom.

Top 3 Books On Love

1. Essays In Love by Alain De Botton

essays in love

This book is beautiful; beautifully written and composed. I bet you’ll fall in love with this book – at least I did. This love novel will pull you into its world; entertaining and educating you on the concept of love at the same time.

Alain De Botton does an incredible job of telling a beautiful story about the various stages of love; love at sight, idealizing your lover, romantic fatalism, etc. This is a love story that is both simple and relatable but still complicated enough to keep you turning the pages.

I can’t recommend this book enough. After reading this book you will come to understand both the beauty and the tragedy of love; love is a risk that is worth taking – or is it?

 We are all more intelligent than we are capable, and awareness of the insanity of love has never saved anyone from the disease.


“Essays in Love”

2. The Mathematics of Love by Hannah Fry

This book is exactly what its title suggests; it’s a book about the mathematics of love, lol. I know, most of us hate maths, but we do love Love.

This book intelligently applies maths to the concept of love and gives concrete tips on how we can maximize our chances of finding love. Trust me, this book is full of actionable tips and advice – the author uses scientific research and maths to back her advice.

If you’re worried about finding love or the right partner, then this book is for you. This book offers the best advice on Love that I’ve ever come across and the maths reassures me that if I keep doing the right things I’d definitely find what I’m looking for.

if you can handle the occasional cringe-inducing rejection, ultimately, taking the initiative will see you rewarded. It is always better to do the approaching than to sit back and wait for people to come to you. So aim high, and aim frequently: the maths says so.


“The Mathematics of Love.”

Here’s a TED talk by the author of the book

3. Why We Love by Helen E. Fisher

Take it from me; this is a textbook on love. It explains everything about love; from how love happens in the brain to why men look at beauty first when searching for love.

If you love reading, you will definitely love this book. There is so much knowledge in this book; you will understand love than most people out there.

Personally, it took me a while to get through this book but I loved every bit of it. Don’t call me a love expert just yet but I sure understand the ins and outs of love now.

Is romantic love an addiction? Yes; I think it is—a blissful dependency when one’s love is returned, a painful, sorrowful, and often destructive craving when one’s love is spurned.


“Why We Love”

And that’s it; the top 3 books on love. Trust me, you will become wiser after reading these books. And if you loved this blog post please share it with your friends and family.


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